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8 Ball Pool Game Tips for iOS players

February 17, 2015 in Blog by Dean Hunt

Do you love to play games in your favorite iPad or iPhone? Well, download and play the 8 Ball Pool game. The famous Miniclip game studio developed it. It is highly an addictive pool game, which you can play free of cost. Players who have Facebook account can become a member directly using the same account details. A computer tutorial helps the starter to know about the game tactics. Once you are feeling confident after the tutorial, you can start to play the pool game against the real players.

When you are playing with expert players, you may find it really tough or difficult to defeat them. Whenever you get defeated, you have to lose your money points and end the game with nothing. This is the most common problem faced by new players. The 8 Ball Pool Hack iPhone tool help the players by giving unrestricted amounts of points and cash that you wish. The player can use the hack tool and add unlimited spins, points and cash in their 8 Ball Pool game account.

How to use the hack tool?
If you are confused about using and exploring the tool, here giving some instructions to it. First, download the hack application in your iPhone. Once it is installed, it will ask the type of device and account details. You can click ‘continue’ by connecting with your Facebook or 8 Ball pool account. Next, press the hacking button and input the amount of coins and cash you need. It will add automatically to your account, and you can start to play without worrying about your cash or points. During this process, ensure to check ‘Proxy’ and ‘Anti Ban’ boxes to protect your account from prohibition. You can also add the amount of spins along with cash and points option.

Meet the Challenge of a Higher Field of Play with Arena Boost

December 29, 2014 in Gaming Technologies, Online Gaming by Dean Hunt

World of Warcraft enthusiasts continue to be drawn into the world of MMORPG, taking on the challenge of facing off against opponents of all levels. Fighting your way to the championship arena is one thing, but for many players, the advantages of Arena Boost are just too good to pass up. Without some degree of help from a higher level player, getting to a higher level of play may be nothing more than a dream.

How Arena Boost Works

There are various sites online that offer WoW arena boost where you are assisted by players who have reached Rank 1 status, hopefully numerous times. This works by either partnering with a player to help you out while you play the game yourself or a higher level plays for you using your WoW account. Some sites offer either option while others are strictly limited to one option or the other.

Avoid Sites That Use Bots or Win Trading

Although there are legitimate sites where you can get Arena Boost, there are also those that use dubious methods. Stick with those that rely on real experts with the capability of achieving the climb to a higher level where you can enjoy a challenging gaming experience.

Keeping It Low-Risk

When choosing a site from which to get Arena Boost and allowing the company to use your WoW account, you want to make sure they are reliable and that they will use your account in a way that will prevent you from getting suspended. Sharing your account with a VPN connection is the safest method and, again, only by a reliable Arena Boost service.

Gamers that long to reach higher playing levels can boost their experience with Arena Boost or sit back and wait for it to happen even though that day may not come. To many, it’s even better than playing a whole new game!

Why Rust Server Hosting Is Preferred Over Others?

December 4, 2014 in Server Technology by Dean Hunt

There are many types of servers that are available and there starts the confusion as well. Some of us may not be sure as to which server would be suitable for the website and end up trying things and wasting money. You need to be absolutely sure about what type of rust server you need and here are some tips for you to decide why Rust Server Hosting is preferred over the others.

The main advantage of dedicated servers is that they allow you to customize the server and make it as per your desired format. You will also be paying only for the features that you intend to use and not for all the unnecessary features that are often given as part of the shared server services.

Reliability is the key feature of any website and application that is hosted in a dedicated server. The speed of the applications solely depends on the trrust server hostingaffic at your end unlike that of shared servers.

Since the use of a dedicated server only serves your website, the speed is very good and incomparable to that of other types of hosting services.

As dedicated servers are used only for one particular website, there are not much security threats like in the case of a shared hosting platform where multiple people would be accessing the server from multiple locations.

Unique IP Address
Dedicated servers have their own IP address and hence that IP address would point only to your website as you are availing this service.

Another main advantage with having a dedicated server is that, at any point of time, if you require enhancing the features like adding on more RAM or increasing the processor speed, you can do so without any glitches. It is also much easier to maintain a dedicated server than the shared servers.

Minecraft, A World Of Magnificence!

November 30, 2014 in Online Gaming by Dean Hunt

Minecraft at first glance may seem not worth trying because of its pixel effects, whereas games nowadays have astounding high-end graphics and cinematics that resemble watching HD movies. But go take a second look, for this game is just in disguise! Once you get to try it, you will find that it is much like your old Lego building blocks, but goes further by allowing you to use bricks, cement, mud, fire, water, wood and anything else you might need, with complimentary carts to build whatever you want! Imagine having unlimited resources giving you non-stop thoughts, ideas and creativity to the extent of your own imagination! Some have built cities, castles, dungeons and dragons, roller coasters, and their own farm filled with animals. You then realize that the simple pixels actually serve as the foundation of the magnificence and beauty of your masterpiece!

This sandbox game will enhance your mind with thinking, strategy and problem-solving. You become resourceful with gathering materials, crafting and acquiring resilience in combat. Here you create what you never thought you could, especially with having to start with scratch, such as your own world to explore while giving you free reign over it. Minecraft lets you take pride in yourself with whatever you have accomplished, like fantastic structures and artwork in a three-dimensional environment, totally made out of blocks! It offers various gameplay modes namely the creative mode with which you have unlimited resources, a survival mode where you build while maintaining your hero’s health, adventure mode where you play custom maps made by other players, and spectator mode where you can pass time roaming around the place in awe! Plus, multiplayer complete this game, allowing you to interact and communicate with other players in each other’s world. Try Minecraft for free and have endless and countless hours of fun and enjoyment! It’s easily downloadable at the for Android and iOS devices and is also available for the PC, Linux, and Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS4 Consoles.

When Did Console Wars Start?

November 9, 2014 in Gaming Technologies by Dean Hunt

Console wars is simply a story of how a humble family man with an extraordinary gift of imaginations turned problems into competitive advantages, inspired a team and finally gave birth to a sixty billion dollar industry. In 1990, Nintendo had the monopoly in the video game industry. Sage, on the other hand, was just a flattering company with big ambitions and greater personalities but all this changed of this man, Tom Kalinske with little knowledge about video games through his tactics, hard work, and very ambitious employees, transformed Sage and together rivaled Nintendo to revolutionize the video game industry.

Play station 4 abbreviated as PS4 is a home video game console from Sony Computers Entertainment successor to play station 3.while Xbox one is a home video console developed and marketed by Microsoft successor to Xbox 360. The two directly compete as part of eighth generation video games console. Xbox was released was released across North America, Europe and later in Japan in 2013 and parts of Middle East during 2014 while Xbox, on the other hand, was the first Xbox console to be released in China.

With just a year into the ps4 and xbox, comparison sales have shown that Sony Xbox one is more popular making it the leader in the new console race because of its exciting nature. Xbox one initially was launched with exciting and innovative Kinect sensor, which navigate the voice commands that you may or may not remember though even without the Kinect sensor the consumer’s interest in the Xbox doubled.

PS4 version given all other factors equal of a multiplatform game has a good chance of looking somewhat better than Xbox the same version of that same game but the difference is not true because trough months of multiplatform releases Xbox still proves to be a horsepower and seems to win the console race.